Staking with Environmental and Social Responsibility

Cardano's Mission is "Making The World Work Better For All".
We want to be part of this vision and support it in a way which also serves the Environment and increases Social Stability.
How to stake with the Yoroi Wallet

Fixed cost sharing

We provide the same rate as much bigger pools. This is achieved by sharing the fixed cost with our delegators. 100 ADA stays at the pool. 240 ADA are shared with our delegators.

Social Stability

We donate 20% of all profits to integration projects. This helps increasing social stability in times of refugee camps and integration challenges. Ultimately making the world a safer place for all of us.

Environmental Responsibility

Our servers are operated on 100% renewable ECO energy. Additionally we compensated the remaining CO2 for the next 60 years by planinting 10 tropical trees.

Block Insurance

Not even the best technical setup can guarantee 100% availability. If we miss a block because of unavailability we take responsibility for it and stand in for the lost rewards (limited to 1 block per epoch)

Single Pool Operator

We are running one single pool. No farm. 6 Servers on 4 Locations on 2 continents. 3 different Hosting Providers. Maximally supporting decentralization!


We publish information regarding current usage of the Private fund and list all donations on our website and in our mobile app. If you have additional questions we can support you in German and English.

Fixed Cost Sharing

We are serious about being transparent with our delegators. The truth is that in Cardano’s current reward scheme a small pool cannot provide competitive rates compared to big pools. To compensate the issue we are sharing our fixed cost based income with our delegators to achieve a ROA which competes with bigger pools. All details on the offer page.

Mobile Rewards App

To keep an overview over all collected rewards, being native Cardano rewards or shared fixed cost we created the VITAL Progressive Web App. All details on the detail page.

Our Mission - Social Stability

We want to make the world a safer place. For this reason we donate 20% of all profits to integration projects.

The first project which we want to support is Lobby 16. Lobby16 is helping refugees to get education and work. Based in Vienna/Austria. Please find the list of all donations and the terms here

Technical Excellence

Our servers are distributed to 4 locations in Austria, Germany, Finland and Ethiopia. Well equipped (8 Core, 32 GB RAM), properly hardened, monitored, backed up and maintained. Set-up for high availability and sized to meet future demands.

High Availability

To achieve high availability we operate 4 relays, 1 Block Producer and an additional Stand-by Block Producer to allow a switchover with minimal latency. High available network disks (triple-stored) allow to auto-recover the machines in case of hardware failure.

Network Security

Only the Relay Node Port is exposed to the public. All other traffic (SSH, Monitoring) is tunneled through VPN. Node/Relay communication through internal network.

Maintenance Access

2-FA Authentication to Management Console. SSH hardened (Root Login Disabled, Key based authentication with hardware wallet.

OS Level Hardening

Root Disabled, No Pasword Login, Fail2Ban, Auto Security Updates, Service User for Cardano Service, Firewall configuration as described in Network Security

Futureproof Sizing

32/24 (Cloud/Private) GB RAM, 8 (Cloud/Private) Cores, High-available Network Disk (each block stored 3x), 160GB HDD, Inplace Upgrade possibility with minimal downtime through Standby approach.


Daily Snapshots and major version snapshots. Recovery time below 10 minutes

Monitoring & Alerting

Email and SMS Alerts based on TIP check. If the database is not synced for more then 5 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does delegation mean?

Delegation means assigning your stake to a stake pool. The stake pool is a server which participates in the Cardano network to sign blocks. Rewards for generating blocks are distributed to all delegators based on their delegated stake.

When will I get my rewards?

Native rewards are paid out based on the Cardano Delegation Cycle which is explained here. Our shared fix cost (Best Rate Offer) rewards are paid out based on the same timing. If you are staking the first time please consider that it will take 15-20 days until the first rewards show up. After changing a stake pool native rewars still will come in from your old pool with the same latency.

Are there any fees I need to consider?

If you delegate your stake for the first time, you will have to pay 2 ADA for key deposit. This will be returned if you unstake later. Additionally a transaction fee of ~0.2 ADA is charged for setting and changing your stake pool.

Are my funds safe?

Your funds stay in your own wallet. You can anytime use them or undelegate. There is no lock of your funds. Delegating is just handing over rights to participate in the network, no ADA itself.

How long are my funds locked?

Your funds are not locked. You can use them at any time.

What is Fixed Cost Sharing and how is the high ROA achieved?

A small pool cannot achieve the same rewards as a big pool with the given Cardano network parameters. This is based on the minimum fixed cost of 340 ADA which eats a big ratio of the rewards which are roughly 720 ADA / Block. To be able to compete with the big pools we are sharing this fixed cost. Only a small portion of 100 ADA stays at the operator. Please also take a look on the terms on our Offer Page

What does ROA mean?

Return on ADA means the annualized rewards percentage. The actual rewards of an epoch are 5 days / 365 days (1 year)

What happens if I move to another pool?

Native rewards still will be awarded to your address. Shared fixed cost rewards are only paid out to delegators which are still with us.

Do I need to pay tax for staking?

This is not a legal advice: Tax treatment is different in every country. In Austria staking rewards are treated as income and need to be considered with your personal income tax rate. Later value increases are treated like normal Crypto holdings. This means they also are treated with your personal income tax rate if sold within one year. After one year they can be sold tax-free. Note: By 1.3.2022 crypto taxation will fundamentally change in Austria: See:

We create a trustful financial system fair and stable future clean environment

Be part of our mission and stake with the VITAL Stake Pool. If you have any questions or remarks please don't hesitate to contact us. All details are found in the footer. We also provide updates on Discord and Twitter. For all delegators we'd like to recommend you our mobile app to check your rewards and payout schedule. Please find the contact details in the footer.