Running our pool in a responsible way means to us

Cardano has the potential to revolutionize the financial system for the better for the richest but also poorest people of the world. We want to see Cardano be the #1 choice for private and business use cases. For this reason, we put the 3 aspects Real-world applications, Stable network operation, and Sustainable Cardano on top of our priorities list. All of them are important for an organization when evaluating which blockchain to use. It’s good for Cardano to be based on Pools that support those aspects and therefore make Cardano successful in the long run.

Delegators responsibility

Honest and Transparent Communication

  • Join our Discord Server to get frequent updates and discuss with us!
  • Get monthly pool updates on the website
  • No marketing lies. Our offers are explained with the real impact for you and documented through Google Sheets

We are reliable

  • Top assigned performance on PoolTool (we never missed a slot so far)
  • If we miss a block by our fault we stand in for the missed rewards. Limited to one Block per Epoch

Network and Community

We are part of the following alliances

We run a strong technical setup

We share our knowledge

Environmental and Social

CO2 Neutral Operation

  • Hosting on renewable energy and planting trees to compensate the remaining emissions for the next 60 years

Donation to Veritree

  • By donating to Veritree we support making Cardano a CO2-positive Blockchain

Social Stability Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

What does delegation mean?

Delegation means assigning your stake to a stake pool. The stake pool is a server which participates in the Cardano network to sign blocks. Rewards for generating blocks are distributed to all delegators based on their delegated stake.

When will I get my rewards?

Native rewards are paid out based on the Cardano Delegation Cycle which is explained here. If you are staking the first time please consider that it will take 15-20 days until the first rewards show up. After changing a stake pool native rewars still will come in from your old pool with the same latency.

Are there any fees I need to consider?

If you delegate your stake for the first time, you will have to pay 2 ADA for key deposit. This will be returned if you unstake later. Additionally a transaction fee of ~0.2 ADA is charged for setting and changing your stake pool.

Are my funds safe?

Your funds stay in your own wallet. You can anytime use them or undelegate. There is no lock of your funds. Delegating is just handing over rights to participate in the network, no ADA itself.

How long are my funds locked?

Your funds are not locked. You can use them at any time.

What does ROA mean?

Return on ADA means the annualized rewards percentage. The actual rewards of an epoch are 5 days / 365 days (1 year)

Do I need to pay tax for staking?

This is not a legal advice: Tax treatment is different in every country. In Austria staking rewards are treated as income and need to be considered with your personal income tax rate. Later value increases are treated like normal Crypto holdings. This means they also are treated with your personal income tax rate if sold within one year. After one year they can be sold tax-free. Note: By 1.3.2022 crypto taxation will fundamentally change in Austria: See:

We create a trustful financial system fair and stable future clean environment

Be part of our mission and stake with the VITAL Stake Pool. If you have any questions or remarks please don't hesitate to contact us. All details are found in the footer. We also provide updates on Discord and Twitter. For all delegators we'd like to recommend you our mobile app to check your rewards and payout schedule. Please find the contact details in the footer.