How to earn DANA Tokens?

Just delegate your ADA to our pool (VITAL). DANA tokens will accure every epoch and can be claimed through TosiDrop.

Next Snapshot

Snapshots are taken every epoch. So any active epoch will generate DANA Rewards.

Motivation and why we believe in Ardana

Cardano has the potential to revolutionize the financial system for the better for the richest but also poorest people of the world. We support this through:

  • Stable network operation - Taking decentralization serious and educating the community
  • Sustainable Cardano - Environmental and social responsibility
  • Real-world applications - By supporting Ardana to unlock real business use cases
The first 2 aspects are covered by our architecture, community engagement and mission. The 3rd aspect is the reason for our DANA Token sharing promotion.

Cardano requires real-world adoption. Ardana provides important building blocks to unlock real business use cases which include a Stable Coin dUSD, a Swapping solution with a very low slippage and decentralized foreign exchange solution.
This is really critical as business would not be able to build their payment services on top of volatile currencies. Ardana is backed by cFund and formed a list of strategic partnerships to further accelerate adoption.
We see Ardana as a key contributor for long-term adoption of Cardano based use cases. This is why we invest in Ardana and share DANA tokens with our delegators.