How to earn DANA Tokens?

Just delegate your ADA to our pool (VITAL). Additionally to the ADA rewards you will then receive DANA tokens on a monthly schedule.

Next Snapshot

Snapshots are taken every epoch. So any active epoch will generate DANA Rewards.

DANA Sharing Overview

Our loyal delegators are rewarded with additional DANA tokens.
after 6 Epochs: 110% - after 12 Epochs: 120%

DANA Rewards

The DANA tokens are shared additionally to your ADA rewards.

Loyalty is rewarded

Rewards grow over time. Stay longer - earn more.

Let's grow Cardano's adoption

Find out more about our motivation behind this offer.

How does it work in detail?

1. Snapshot

  • The DANA token are distributed additionally to your ADA staking rewards!
  • Every Epoch there is a snapshot similar to the ADA Snapshot.
  • Every 6 Epochs the generated rewards are distributed.
  • Everyone who is included in at least one Snapshot will be considered in the next payout.

2. Calculation

  • Every Epoch a DANA equivalent of 150 ADA is shared based on the current exchange rate.
  • The tokens will be shared among delegators proportional to their active stake. More ADA staked means more DANA tokens (logarithmic distribution method used).
  • After 6 Epochs your share is increased by 10%.
  • After 12 Epochs your share is increased by 20%.

3. Payout

  • All accumulated rewards are summed up.
  • Afterwards 1.5 ADA are removed and sent as ADA as the protocol enforces a minimum of 1.5 ADA per Transaction which includes tokens.
  • If the generated rewards are worth less than 1.5 ADA they need to be claimed manually. See the terms section for details.
  • The tokens will be sent to the same ADA wallet through which you are staking with us.

4. Terms

  • Because we have to include 1.5 ADA to each DANA transfer, we cannot automatically send them if the generated tokens are worth less. In this case you can send us 1.5 ADA and we send the 1.5 ADA back together with the DANA tokens The 1.5 ADA need to be sent to the following address:
  • You can find distribution details on our Distribution Portal: Token Distribution Portal
  • No legal claim. We reserve the right to change the offer at any time without prior notice

Motivation and why we believe in Ardana

Cardano has the potential to revolutionize the financial system for the better for the richest but also poorest people of the world. We support this through:

  • Stable network operation - Taking decentralization serious and educating the community
  • Sustainable Cardano - Environmental and social responsibility
  • Real-world applications - By supporting Ardana to unlock real business use cases
The first 2 aspects are covered by our architecture, community engagement and mission. The 3rd aspect is the reason for our DANA Token sharing promotion.

Cardano requires real-world adoption. Ardana provides important building blocks to unlock real business use cases which include a Stable Coin dUSD, a Swapping solution with a very low slippage and decentralized foreign exchange solution.
This is really critical as business would not be able to build their payment services on top of volatile currencies. Ardana is backed by cFund and formed a list of strategic partnerships to further accelerate adoption.
We see Ardana as a key contributor for long-term adoption of Cardano based use cases. This is why we invest in Ardana and share DANA tokens with our delegators.