Staking with the Yoroi Wallet


Install the Yoroi Wallet

The Yoroi Wallet is light client. It's installed as a browser extension.
Find your Browser-specific App store link at

Install the browser extension.

Launch the Extension by clicking Extensions > Yoroi
On the first launch you need to select your language and agree the terms of use. Choose the simple interface. You can skip the activation of payment URLs and confirm your selection.


Create a Cardano Wallet

Create a new Wallet in Yoroi. First click on create wallet. Alternatively you can connect a hardware wallet if you have one.

Choose Cardano to create a Cardano Wallet

Then Click create Wallet

Define a wallet name and a spending password. This password is required whenever you want to send ADA or also for delegating your ADA. Make sure you write it down in a secure location like a password manager.

Now a recovery phrase is generated. Read the text carefully before accepting the checkbox and click on continue. Make sure you write down the recovery phrase and store it in a save location.

Then click the words in the right order to make sure you wrote down the phrase correctly.
Finally read and confirm the warning.

Congratulations! You've created your Cardano wallet!


Transfer Funds from an exchange

Click on the Receive Tab and Copy your wallet address

Send funds from your Exchange to this address.
If you are unsure which exchange to use we can recommend: BitPanda or Binance


Delegate to VITAL

Open the Delegation List Tab

Search for VITAL

Click on Delegate. Your ADA will stay in your pocket. Also after delegating you are able to un-delegate or send your funds. So your ADA is not locked.
Enter your spending password and confirm the delegation.
All done! Thank you very much for delegating with us!