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Progressive Web Application

The app is now available at It is a progressive web application, so basically a website which can be installed trough the following steps.

  • Navigate with you browser to
  • The app will ask you if you want to install it on your home screen
  • If not, open the browser menu and use the Action “Add to Home Screen”
  • Define your stake address in the settings: You can find out your stake address on There you can search for your address. The result pages shows you controlled stake key. The BECH32 address (starting with stake1...") is the needed address.

Key Functionalities

Rewards Overview

Statistics about your personal earnings. Seperated into native and add-on rewards. Total Sum and Epoch history on a graph.

Private Fund Details

Show remaining fund coverage, expected epochs until the fund is exhausted and Epoch statistics about funding usage.

Epoch Details

Information about the epoch, Block chance, your Active stake and rewards calculation for the specific epoch.


Define your Stake address to get your specific details. Data is updated when a new epoch starts.

Step by Step guide on how to stake Cardano with the Yoroi Wallet