The Dilemma

Delegate stake to a small pool is not an easy choice from a delegator perspective. Bigger Pools provide better returns because the fixed cost splits across multiple delegators. Additionally returns come in very infrequent. Anyways centralizing to a few big operators like exchanges is against the decentral vision of cardano. We understood this dilema and want to compensate it with an unique offer.

The Offer

We want to take over your risk to wait long for returns and even exceed typical reward rates!

7% Guaranteed

No Block? No Problem! If there are no cardano native rewards in an epoch (5 days) we payout rewards from a private rewards fund.

Private Rewards Fund

The rewards fund is limited to 2000 ADA. You can check the ramaining balance in our rewards app or on

Grow together

You get over average rewards and we get a fair change to mint a constant amount of blocks earlier. Let's grow together!

Rewards flow in detail


  • We guarantee a ROA of 7% limited to a total supply of 2000 ADA.
  • If the average native rewards of a delegator get below 7% we pay out add-on rewards from a private rewards fund.
  • You can find a detailed calcuations of your rewards in the App, or in the online google sheet.
  • No time limit, we payout until the total supply of 2000 ADA is exhausted.


  • No legal clarim, first come first serve.
  • In the last epoch (5 days) where the private rewards fund is getting exhausted the remaining supply is distributed to delegators based on their active stake.
  • The payout is timed in alignment with Cardanos Delegation cycle explained here
  • If you moved to a different pool before Add-On Rewards are paid out you will loose your Add-On Rewards. This does NOT affect native Cardano Rewards which are anyways paid out.

Calculation Example

The following example shows how the initial lackage of native rewards is covered by the private fund. As the first native reward comes in you will temporarely reach a very high average return, which is flattened out to the minimum average of 7% until the next block pushes rewards higher again.

Step by Step guide on how to stake Cardano with the Yoroi Wallet