The Dilemma

Delegate stake to a small pool is not an easy choice from a delegator perspective. Bigger Pools provide better returns because the fixed cost splits across multiple delegators. Additionally returns come in very infrequent. Anyways centralizing to a few big operators like exchanges is against the decentral vision of Cardano. We understood this dilemma and want to compensate it with an unique offer.

The Offer - Fixed Cost Sharing

We want to generate high rewards despite our small Pool size. To achieve a good ROA we share 240 of the 340 ADA fixed cost with our delegators.

Benchmark Rate

Mathematically the ROA of our pool is comparable to a pool with ~3.5M active stake.

Fixed Cost Sharing

To achieve the benchmark rate we share the fixed cost. A remaining part of 100 ADA stays with the operator

Grow together

You get over average rewards and we get a fair chance to mint a constant amount of blocks earlier. Let's grow together!

Rewards flow in detail


  • Starting from Epoch 296 we share fixed cost in every Epoch which generates Rewards (at least one block)
  • With the current saturation of ~250k ADA the payout will happen 1 times / month on average. This can vary based on luck.
  • 100 ADA of the fixed cost stays at the operator. The rest is distributed based on active stake.
  • You can find a detailed calculations of your rewards in the App, or in the online google sheet.


  • No legal claim.
  • Rewards can only be shared if a block is generated. This depends on luck in the Cardano network. On average 1 block is assigned per epoch with 1 million active stake.
  • If the benchmark rate is not achievable even by sharing all 340 ADA of fixed cost we are sharing the full fixed cost but are not adding additional rewards.
  • The payout is timed in alignment with Cardanos Delegation cycle explained here
  • If you move to a different pool open fixed cost sharing payments loose validity. This does NOT affect native Cardano Rewards which are anyways paid out.

Step by Step guide on how to stake Cardano with the Yoroi Wallet